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Archives for October 2014

Easy learning.

All learning is easy if you have access to teaching which suits you and the way you think, the way you learn.

We often hear people exclaiming with delight, often relief, when someone at last helps them understand something they just could not “get”.

The lesson here is obvious. Obvious that is, unless it wasn’t!

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In Los Angeles there is a new service, “Uber” for manservants.

You, and in this case the “you” is often (this is the reality, not bias) presumed to be a woman, order a guy to do anything from feeding you grapes, to massaging your back……

What new service could we create, possibly with a little more ultimate value…or not?

“Uber” for Christmas card writing has been suggested….but to coin a relevant phrase, “that’s pretty lame”.

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Everyone has an audience.

You do, really.

What you offer those who listen to your words, who read the posts and twiggles, is a choice. You are your own senior editor publisher and distributor.

15 minutes of fame?

A lifetime is more like it.

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Be on the map.

Put it in the drawer.

Hang fire.

Take five.

Walk out on stage.

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Not all china looks good on a Tuesday.

But it has purpose, poise and practical use on a Wednesday.

Friday’s are safe bets, Sundays are reserved and September is always good.

There must be a tale that fits these tentative parameters.

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