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Archives for October 2019

Setting type.

Cold or hot.

Monotype came later.

A bottle, some Bodoni and a border.

We all want Baskerville now.

Really, Comic Sans is super.

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Nothing happened.

No leaf stirred.

Nothing cracked, crinkled or crumbled.

Everything, on the other hand, became fresh, moist and oh so alive.

The speech I made was well received. Reproduced in print, on radio and cast on many a pod.

Well judged by the world.

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Close the switch, open the curtains, hear the buzzer.

Some simple mechanical actions start the ball rolling.

Oh…roll the ball!

And when you say it’s all done, you’ve just begun. A good thing and something to smile about.

When the last dish is washed there are none left.

But it was over the clinking of glasses and cutlery that you were told a secret which changed your life.

Another meal please, so we have more dishes to wash!

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Strictly forward and seriously back.

Up the hills they climb, straw men and women, with an eager look and an almost hidden glint of a smile.

Reciting remembered verses, or describing brand new quotes, they will arrive and thrive.

Where we go is imagined during the porridge eating moments.

Where we arrive is salted with bravado and cloud-like negotiation.

Newly minted moments of immeasurable magnitude and mastery.

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You can take a shower now.

We are pleased with the good news.

The water is hot, as warm as you like or cool or even cold if you prefer.

There is a towel, good.

There is soap, an advantage.

How many times did you delay this event today? Never procrastinate while guests could jump in first. Even with 5 bathrooms, it could happen!

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