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Archives for October 2019

Drilling down below the first facts and opinions we found gold.

Then silver, then discoveries which could transform life as we know it.

For good…for the better?

Of course!

We try goodness, we think optimism, we take action at high strata and premium ideals.

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Once in a while, no, all the time, be aware of what you are doing to people around you.

Especially the people you don’t know.

Seek, walk up to and stand on higher ground.

When the sun shines, feel congratulated.

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Sand sliding through the narrow opening of the timer.

One more grain and the pile falls creating a shift in the state of affairs.

But when we reach that final decisive grain it is magnificently hard to estimate and impossible to calculate with any degree of precision.

At these times masterful inactivity and studied attention are needed.

A flexing of mental muscles and a test of concentration.

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Tired or sleepy, something like that.

And it seemed to be in a relaxed way.

A softness overcame the iron edges and let hard rocks flow as if melted gently.

Scenes were drawn on paper, the reality without cycloramas or one-dimensional frontage painted for depth, was better.

It’s so good when it turns out to be mightier than described.

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The differential equation for surprise and charm.

This was tricky to solve as the two are seemingly disparate and unconnected.

However, it turns out they are in the same “waveband of wonder” ( a term coined by a contemporary speculative popular philosopher).

So, everything is fine.

How’s your wardrobe?

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