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Archives for January 2017

I always take the room with a view.

Even paying more or waiting longer to get that vista, it’s worth it.

Then, waking up in the morning, only one glance at “the view” is enough to make the months of work to earn this price, the hours pacing the streets after a flight that had no end, eating up the time until the best room they are pleased to give me is prepared and ready.

But then, I really like staying in hotels.

Or perhaps, I like hotels because of that view!

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Slow strolling visitors and fast Olympic competitors competed for road and pavement space.

This was not a competition announced.

But it was a competition forefront in people’s minds.

At one time the danger of the motor car moving at 25 miles per hour seemed enormous.

Now the danger to pedestrians of fast pedaling cyclists has come to the fore.

How to improve the situation, there’s the million spoke question.


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Sending a long list.

There was a lot to read, this time all valuable and well considered.

The car showrooms were full of people looking, taking a test drive, buying and driving away in gleaming styled machines.

Normal can be, well….pretty normal.

We are still thinking anf feeling beings.

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They were swaying from side to side, like plastic bottles on a washing line, drawn by the wind.

Decisions and demons.

There were no invites to the party, a good thing considering it was best to stay away and play.

Awarded honors and stars.

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In the fiery crags before the fountain, lay the volumes of reed scrolls. The truths of time were said to be stored upon them.

Pertinent performance and permanent procedures, preceded production pandering to profiteering players.

We are amused, slightly, at the maverick meandering concealed here.

The rhythm was fast and the tune intoxicating.

Tempted to dance but adhering to the unwritten code.

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