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Archives for March 2016

Sending letters, the old way of communicating, can have dazzling effects.

It is a treat to receive a letter, hand written, personal and devoted to communicating something special. 

When other methods of daily communication become commonplace and require filters to weed out the junk, the unwanted, the metallic mailbox becomes King. 

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Breathe in and taste the mountain air.

Wherever you are.

You did, didn’t you?!

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Fresh and fit beyond imagination. 

What you think of first might be right.

Is that a guess, or did you know it all along?

Trust. Trust me, trust you. Trust yourself then you can trust me.

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Is the answer you were looking for difficult to find beacuse you have forgotten the question?


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Shining with oil and tinsel.

The beach was not sand.

The beach was bikinis and swimsuits. The sand a hidden background. 

What else that’s on the surface, becomes more important than the base?

Suprising times indeed.

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