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Archives for June 2016

A millionaire in all things and all ways.

Who asked what money is?

We dream of listed leisure and clear pleasure.

Have no doubt, the pirate said, we will start a charity to help you all.

Who was he speaking to?

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Sing to the child and let the birds sing to whom they choose.

Such advice had been given freely, daily and unendingly in the tethered lands.

Boats moved along a purple ocean seemingly knowing the route on their own.

The captains were ashore, drinking and thinking.

We were talking, one then the other.


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I am in a state of wonderment.

I receievd a gift I love.

I made the kindest, direct and most constructive statement to the woman on the corner – her eyes lit up.

I paid in gold for the rewards told.

Defeat nothing and win everything.


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One icon don’t stop no show.

That’s what the historian told a gold prospector in the almost-wild west. 

Try on a new shirt, the slim fit or the bulky build size? 

Only a tie is redundant. Like it, you might, but it just ain’t right to hinder your vocal range.

Now you’re talkin’.

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Make a list.

Every Day?

Most days.

Paint a wall.

Every day?

Some years.

Build a monument.

Every day?

Some decades.

Start a country.

Every day?

Some centuries.

Extending out beyond….

You and the future.


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