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Archives for October 2020

Sole and soul.

Low or high.

Sintering sole and warm soul.

Let’s go somewhere quiet and move mountains.

Or, move to the mountains!

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What we expect we get, sometimes.

When we don’t win the day, have our say, we try to look at something completely new instead and then return to the fallen idol another time.

Does that “work” every time? No. Nor does the remote control on my electronic devices. That works, then doesn’t, then does. There’s an explanation but we’re rarely party to it!

With all this, a glance outside, whether to the back doors of garages or the vista of Swiss mountains, it helps.

Wise counsel? No. But a thought for action.

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Just fine, thank you.

But was that true?

In terms of essentials – yes. But was the spark and splash, the vibrant colorful energy of power and mind immersed in cold water or fueled and ready to roll?

Some of it was revved up, started and in gear, for there was a waterfall of ideas splashing onto crystal green rocks below and showing up in the afternoon sunlight.

Give a dog a bone, they say. I say give a dog a home and a promise you keep.

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She recommended you never go to war without this item.

We imagine, because not one person will tell us, that it is a keep-sake, an energy bar, a gold coin, a lucky tooth, a sharp knife, a phone number to call in emergencies, a nail file, a corkscrew. Something like that.

We may be wrong. We may be way off.

But you never know. And we hope no war was visited at all.

Still. I’m itching to know the answer.

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We were sailing along the road, like a boat ashore. And we were sure that things would be better than ever.

Don’t you worry.


Here and there.

In a hurry.

The snow doesn’t want to create a flurry.

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