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Archives for June 2020

We ultimately tend, the world of people, to move towards better things and greater sanity.

On the way there are hiccups, eruptions, cesspits and problems. Like dirty toilets at a gas station when on a road trip!

Looking for the chinks of light, the sparkling charms of higher level behavior and true progress is a good use of energy.

At the same time, we do need to say no to dire and insane suggestions and poor quality, derision, stupid decisions, and dismal developments.

But isn’t it so very good every time another grain of positivity passes through your hands? Like a handful of warm sand on a sunny beach.

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Just be intelligent. Try to be, make the choice….think, look, listen and think again.

After all this you can enjoy the results, the sheer pleasure of learning and gaining wiser ways.

And, laugh. Yes it is good for you, but it’s easier to be funny, to see funny and to have fun when you start by moving toward higher ground.

Better, is always best!

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Starting something. Changing everything. Causing love.

Well we set the stakes high. Aimed high and had no concern about competitions and publicity stunts.

At the same time we know the benefit of publicity and do not run for cover from it.

It’s time to talk, or to learn how to talk effectively.

Tune the voice.

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No problem, no cry.

One nation under a groove seemed so good, it can can be more so… soon.

We are astounded by how much progress the human species has made yet how little has progress been seen in human psychology – and we aim to improve that.

Experiences, nourishment and opportunity in good health, and good humor, and a new educational system that actually creates thinking, rewarded and delight-filled beings!

Join us!?

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Now children, don’t go believing what adults say.

When you get to be “my age” you’ll see!

And there it is. The warped reality of all eras.

There are wise women, wise men, but children are often the most successful at seeing pretense and the act of lying.

So perhaps the USA should only allow children under the age of 11 to vote.

They could do only one thing….a better job than the incapable adults. The problem might be that they would see there was no-one to vote for.

Some things should be accepted, like truth and wisdom, and then and only then, approach big decisions.

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