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Oversight, under-view, indigo and blue.

Shrink volcanic ferment into small cooking tools.

Read the verses stated in the book of tools, not for fools, just ignore the rules.

When concrete sets, it is hard.

Yes, we know everything is made up of particles.

So as one bunch to another, hello should be said and an ear tuned for the reply.

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Free delivery folks, and that includes packaging, a note telling you how good we are and how valuable you are!

Soon these relationships with companies will be rated alongside fairy tales, adventure and mystery novels and tomes analyzing history.

Everything, is negotiable.

Anything can change.

Always wear clothes you like.

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We decided not to turn the world into the wrong side of town.

In fact we’re eliminating that category by making the whole town a land of good and of plenty.

How easy it is.

A decision leads the horse.

A destination decides the course.

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Some people think I’m Superman.

Perhaps it’s because I lift my car into tight parking spaces and cary shopping carts in one hand in the supermarket.

Or perhaps it’s because I can see through lies and also see the shining decency of true and honest folk.

I am selective.

Glad to meet the others.

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We tried three times, still there was no answer.

It was well known that Sally and Joe took a dip in the lake beside their house which they called a “pond”, every day before breakfast. But this was eleven o’clock. Plenty of time for them to be in their terry towel robes, sipping espresso coffee and crunching their way through nutty cereal with almond milk.

Still no answer.

The solution was obvious.

So we landed, the helicopter causing a sort of cappuccino effect on the lake, and ran shouting greetings, into the summer house.

Nobody in sight, not a sound, not a single espresso cup.

What was going on?

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