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Archives for December 2013

Tender and strong.

A man takes a stroll

A woman takes aim

This is an opportunity, like every day, to change cherished misconceptions and invent new understandings.

You tell the story. You are the character at the centre of it all.

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Places with long names may be less memorable than those like Paris, Rome or Tokyo.

If asked to name an item, and yes, a place, what do you think of first?

But once you know something difficult, unusual – perhaps a long word with tricky spelling, it is the more memorable.

Getting close to a new year in the West, but waiting until later in the East.

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A test of materials – metal or plastic, rock or clay.

Some examination of ingredients.

Choose the right people for the job because they demand to do that job.


Delegation happens in all social situations – it’s not that hard.

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It’s always better to make your own choice rather than toss a dice.

It may be tempting to think you can blame the dice if it goes wrong.

But you can only get the satisfaction of your decisions and choices if You make them.

You can learn from mistakes you make but not ones the dice makes. And you can only celebrate your able choices, not those of a cube with dots on it!

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A line or a circle. A triangle will do.

Don’t you just want to give things a shape?

Curved corners in buildings – are they still “corners”?




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