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Archives for December 2013

Take a leaf from the ground and stick it onto the branch of your favorite tree.

Take a boat and hide the water.

When there is snow – learn to ski.

There could be a nation that is free.

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Not all fish are salmon.

Not all rivers are deep.

Not all castles are gated.

This thing you want, this deeply desired thing….you can get it.

Be good with your seasoning.

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If you write and a million people read your words is that better than 5000?

If you build and a whole community lives in your buildings is that better than building one house?

Better. Or quality.

Choose quality but do not be afraid of quantity.

Snap! Now you are awake!

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The speed of light.

The slow ebb of a nearly still tide-current.

Fruit growing in the sun.

Stars being born.

Your turn to choose the pace in today’s race.

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Surfers search for the perfect wave.

We all search for some things of perfection. Surfers by and large enjoy the hundreds of small and imperfect waves on the way to that great one which will fill their stories for years to come.

I think we can all be surfers in our own way.

Count me in!

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