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Archives for June 2014

You are your own secret agent.

There are some things you know that others do not.

You observe, record and report many things.

You have your own “intell”.

And what you know is best!

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Being yourself while making people laugh is a win, win and win again scenario.
The last win is one for the world. The others are for you and the one who laughs.

Communication is the most valuable fuel and for those who worry, it creates minimal pollution!

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Things are made of substance.

Ideas can be substantial.

Beliefs – what are they made of?

It’s easy to drag out an answer, but it will be wrong as often as they are correct.

Beliefs have in their make-up many possible ingredients. These can be good, they can be cherished misconceptions and they can be motive-laden or stuff merely inherited and swallowed whole like a peach with the stone left inside.

Certainly makes bananas seem easier!

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It’s all right.

What is truly important is obvious.

No solution?

Try a different question. Then, compare the answer to that, I mean consider whether it fits as the solution you were looking for.

It is worth a try.

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Where two rivers meet.

Ideas mingle.

Thoughts speak to each other like old friends.

Flowers never before seen, grow in affinity.

The sun loses its grip and the sky turns cool, ready for replenishment and the brash beginnings of tomorrow.

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