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Archives for June 2014

Music plays.

Children dance.

Old men sway.

The women laugh.

Cicadas sound warnings and greetings.

In the shade a pact is made.

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A tour bus filled with musical instruments, musicians and an intoxicating sense of adventure.

Which was the best trip you ever took?

Timetables can be avoided when time is less limited.

On tour the schedule is essential.

When you go for a walk in the evening leave the scheduling behind you.

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“Conduct Experiments” is what a note reminds me every day.

This does not mean finding a local, unsuspecting mouse or tadpole, and get out a sharp instrument, it really means try new ideas, test them.

Now that’s a good idea.

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You know that moment, you’ve gone out for the evening, and it’s much cooler than you expected, almost cold?

But you feel alive, it’s bracing, that chill is invigorating. It’s uncomfortable but good!

Some moments have many elements.

Ingredients and application.

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Suntanned shoes.

Peach blossom.

Fast pace.

Slow sitting.

Feelings of all types.

Consider and digest.

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