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Archives for September 2019

Aroma and expectations.

The finest of all, whatever it was; food or literature, film or music performance…the aroma preceded it and hinted of the wonders in store.

You can imagine.

Then, you will remember as I do.

Sweetness and brilliance in a single bundle.

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Say you did, then claim the prize.

It was awarded to those who had started a bank in the last eight hours, and those who had baked a cake weighing more than anybody else had ever baked – based on volume, value and presence.

Whatever that meant life went on as usual.

If you can call it that, as anything normal had not been seen for years, not since it had been made illegal to be boring.

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We rate everything.

Then, we erase all the ratings.

We look at things, we see people, we appreciate them and sometime evaluate them.

Ratings are for donkeys. No, perhaps not, even they don’t want them!

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Statement made in earnest speech.

Once in a while.

The moment came.

That time.

See it because it’s magic.

Catch it while you can

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A twist in the temporal mode.

Before it was trivia it was well done, high, exhalted, well-nigh worshipped,

Then we wrapped it all like a gift of generous omen.

Now, once again we are the master and mistress of future chances played on an unknown field of grass.

We lord over folly and we lead genius.

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