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Archives for September 2018

A rainbow divided into a hundred times more colors than you’ve ever seen.

Flavors ranging from ultra-tart to sweeter than the honyemost honey.

Fragrance distributed from pickled enhanced peppery radish to jubilant jasmine.

Roof styles from almost vertical sheer alpine slope to a mild slant that hardly tells rain which way to run.

Mountain and ocean.

The range of varieties and the variety of explorable differences never ends.

An endless supply!

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Sunny disposition and the intent of the high stage dancers.

Eyes were glued to the stage as the dancers appeared, it was difficult to see if the audience watched the costumes of gold and silver with diamond trim or the lithe contrivances of dreamy yet energetic choreography.

No music, no beat, and no retreat.

We are sure now and getting to the point of realizing, then slowly accepting, the truth and actions that need to follow.

It often seems sad to end the vacation, yet summer yields to winter and demands we move to higher ground.


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So much has been done and so much can be, the road ahead has sweeping curves waiting for ambitious drivers.

This has nothing to do with cars and little to do with car drivers. Who knew?

We are talking about not just saving the world, but re-creating it. Inventing a “better” for everything we see, hear or think.

If paradise has been paved, there can be new flower beds, then lots, plots and fields.

But the main way is forward. Bake a cake that no one has tried before, teach a class that’s a first in its (unheard of) field.

We will help people learn to think, then communicate, then empathize.

Why not?


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Trying to invent new ways of saying “it’s wonderful” or “I wanted to be there, so much” that is, and rings, true.

Too many “awesome’s,” even “fabulous” has lost its rocket power.

In person, it’s easy to show and express sincere interest, enthusiasm, passion.

In writing, even by voice communication, it’s a bit different.

Communication is the first and most important subject we learn and well, continue to learn.

All contributions, really are, welcome!

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Those well displayed symptoms of a smile.

Even the sun could not cast a light compared to that radiant welcome.

One was hugged before contact, greeted before lips moved and generally approved of and included.

Hope and determination had its own lateral and vertical strengths.

The mind was alive with new constructs and constructions awaited starting, action.

Becoming The Smile – was the slogan.

The reality did not require a beckoning call.

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