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Archives for November 2015

Presentation is everything.

When a child gives a daisy to her brother, picked from the field she was playing in, the whole act is presentation. It is simply the presenting of a flower.

When you wrap a gift in carefully trimmed and folded paper, top it with a bow, and sprinkle gold dust all over it – that too is presentation.

When you smile as you say hello, presentation.

When you mean what you say….it is presentation.

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Run that by me. Run it for the first time.

Spelling is the new caviar.

A degree in appreciation and tree decoration, is the new law degree.

Some things change quickly and often.

Everything changes eventually.

Well, almost everything.

Does human nature change?

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The tiger sits on occasional pauses.

Rapid, strong and calm all at once.

The tea had brewed and both had bowed and smiled.

Two shop windows reflected the image of each other.

When puddles form the starlings look but don’t drink.

Steep hills and running rivers.

A boat, a paddle and a fork.

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A hub, a spoke and a bell.

Could be a bicycle!

Or is it a form of distribution?


Or Love?

Enthusiastic supporters of progress, producing beneficial results for the rich and poor and everyone in between.

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A new caterpillar sent love notes to the judge.

Screens were placed in front of the ice cream truck for the privacy of those who bought cones.

Ice was forming over the neon signs but the roads were clear.

The bridge was glowing blue then green.

Coffee is being served.

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