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Archives for August 16, 2017

The crisp crackling of crinkled fried cactus and the beautiful handwritten notes welcomed us to the gathering of minds and bodies.

We expected more select and rare dainties to taste and to accompany our toasts to success
and friendship. But in fact, this was the best it could be. Relaxed, yet charged with an energy of inventive optimism and the power brought by imaginative, novel solutions.

Each person was welcomed like a hero returning safely from a near-impossible battle.

Glances exchanged confirmed nobility and strength, warmth and understanding.

Then, games, music, and stories started, like the first turns of a Ferris wheel at a fairground.

No excuses, no apologies, only open hearts.

Years later, we felt it likely, bedtime stories would be told about this moment that spelled the end of the Dark Ages.


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