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Archives for August 19, 2017

Does the dishes, talks to the passing people, welcomes the visitors, listens to everyone’s stories.

Who is this? This is not the description of one person or any person.

We do not think of people this way.

If lucky, we know someone who we always laugh with, another we become seriously concerned about the world’s ready-to-be-solved problems, another we experiment in the garage or kitchen or cloth-cutting counter with and so on, and more.

Then there is the voice, the tone, the coloration of objects, the descriptions, and then there is more.

The magician who is wise and knows best. We may want to be her. The one who laughs and brings others into the laughter ring, all day long. We may want to be him. The one who is ever inventing and introducing the new and almost-miraculous, we may want that ability.

And why not. In this realm, the more (varieties) really are the merrier. And none need be like the other. We like them all.

The best parties have the most different and seemingly wildly unconnected bunch of people, who it always turns out, love meeting each other.


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