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Archives for January 2016

You see what happens when you smile.

They sometimes return the same gesture. 

So if you see a reason for cheer it could be that you are curing a malaise and adding vitality to everyone’s days. 

The benefit is yours.

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The temperature round the corner from where you stand may be different.

There was a traditional warning etched into the side view mirrors of American cars “objects in the mirror may be nearer than they seem”.

Describing distance or temperature so that someone else can experience it, feel it, takes similar care to what it needs to prevent a soufflé collapsing when cooking it. 

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Slippery stones, polished and ancient.

Nobody else on the streets.

You can feel the centuries of ideas.

You add your own.

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We have decided to issue everything in electronic form, except for the weekend experiences.

But some find the electronic form more enjoyable and no longer look forward to their weekends!

There are many ways to cook a cucumber.

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Are you wearing your smartest and most amazing clothes?

Someone was walking along the main shopping street dressed as if a tailor followed them and conferred at every street corner, advising what would be best to wear for the next street.

How particular. How devoted. And, well how funny.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with an affected lifestyle, if it is truly valued.

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