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Archives for November 2017

Nobody needed to say anything, we all new it was glorious.

But like a chili cook-off we also all tried to find better ways of enthusing and describing it.

Never since the birth of the Olympic Games was a challenge which had never been offered, taken so seriously.

Can you nominate an event as candidate for this splendid, this wondrous occasion?

If you can’t think of one yet, it will come, and at that magic moment, you will be smiling all the way to the top of the mountain!

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Over the pass and into the great forest with engines at high revs.

What was the rush, one might wonder.

There was no hurry, it was the sound of the chase that summoned adventure, open horizons and endless adventures.

The stories were true, there were the good, sweet and kind, there were the monstrous brutes.

Everything is fit for something and something doesn’t always want to know.

Right and wrong, the new adventure and gentle frontier.



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Determined at the right time.

Pushing the agenda, finding the free lane.

Oh what a wonder a truly effective course in choosing well, a course, will be.

The hallucinogenic properties of English tea and cucumber sandwiches are well known.

Keep thinking the same thing, forever!

When the War on Cucumber Sandwiches started, many were convinced god was on their side.

Seems some found freedom in espresso coffee.

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There is always a glow, uncontained and waiting.

Even when the turkey has overdone itself and the waves are sliding sideways, there are answers rising like a mist from a butterfly catcher’s net.

So spake the poets in the accounting department, the tailors in the sandpit.

We are gathered here today, for something. Make a choice. Add your voice.

You offered, generously, because you could just lean upon an elbow in the morning’s slight light.

Plenty of seats available.

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The dancers moved with such swift fluidity and fluent familiarity, we sat dancing vicariously.

Have you seen me dance?

I am amazing.

Join me next time.

It helps to play good music.



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