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Archives for November 2013

Even a slow story can be fascinating after it is told, when you discuss it with someone you find interesting.

You can make up stories. Yes! Really you can.

Best of all is the story you live.

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Conversation and food go well together.

Dining with friends.

The good thing amongst many, is you don’t have to eat much to have a good conversation.

Bon appetit!

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A great physicist never knew names. Not only did he not tend to know people’s names, he often could not summon the name for simple things and objects, But he could describe them in great detail and see things many others never saw.

Is is better to name something and think no more of it or to think…more?

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Anyone can be a Guru if they really want to be.

I am near to the magic point of graduating, I will do so when I want to.

A guru does not have to be always right, just always bright.

Being smart can be learned.

Gurus on the run, gurus in the sun.

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Err on the side of experimentation, invention and creative construction.

A new dish, painting, letter or pattern could be something to make or create today.

Doodle with pen and paper, doodle on the highways of life!

Your canvas could be anything! And, it’s waiting for only you!

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