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Archives for January 2015

The rice tasted good, cooked so well, not too well.

A pink sky added flavor.

A warm breeze fluffed the pillows.

The scent of understanding.

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When light is shining upon wise words, we have the most accurate vision and acute hearing.

What is bubbly can be healing, what is still can be bitter.

The next time you smile, remember to let someone see.

Empty streets can be filled with laughter.

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There it is, up there, a moon that looks like a fast moving Frisbee.

Yes…really that’s what it looks like tonight.

Sometimes big serious things look flippant, whimsical and even trite.

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Both bank employees and con men wear suits. Do you feel inspired to trust a lawyer wearing beach volley shorts and an outrage-laced t-shirt? Perhaps you should. Looking for truth and integrity takes a shift in angle, view and focus.

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Dash and dot.

Cooking foil can be used to make a wide variety of prototypes and can also be used to signal to a rescue party (should the need arise!).

Wooden spoons can be used to scrape a soft surface while avoiding scratching it.

Salt takes the stain out of the carpet.

Improvisation leads to discovery.

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Local attraction or international sensation?

Baked here, sold there, eaten somewhere else. Do we believe it?

Trust yourself. It’s the only way. And it means so much more.

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