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Archives for December 2018

I said that. Did this.Went there.

From three statements, no information.

But as it happens there is something we want to say here.

It is now necessary to arrive at well-known monuments, vistas, and Sights at three in the morning to enjoy them in peace and quiet.

An exaggeration? Fortunately, yes it is. But there is always a reason to exaggerate

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I saw a new sign today, it said “OK I will”.

That’s all.

Even with so little information it gave me a good feeling.

I’m happy for the person not named.

I look forward, even though I may never know the results, to their progress.

Something is always going on, going on.

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We sat down at a very long table.

Two trays, silver and lined with glass, were filled with marzipan-covered fruits of every type we’d seen and many which must have come from those alleys of agriculture which had escaped us.

We were creating a dream constitution and the basic laws of the land.

A man with a beard, a limp and a crooked walking stick influenced us all to reach the highest levels of consideration.

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Did share, did vote, did sleep.

The best of them all was sleep.

The voting made no sense.

But that’s all in the past tense.

We festive fools feel fit.

We fit fools feel fine.

We, also, feel fine.

We hope you do too.

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We’re here, ready and waiting for the stage curtains to part.

We are ON the stage.

We have not memorized words, songs or dances.

Let us see, what if we start by telling a story of that trip to Africa, the west, the jungle, the machete-swinging hosts, the Paris fashions and Deep Purple played loud enough to tame a lion, with enough lacings of Cointreau to start a strange conversation…

What if….?

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