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Archives for April 2020

We always start with Plan B.

It’s best, especially when you avoid the need for a plan A.

Put Plan B in an envelope, place the envelope in a safe deposit box and mail the key to a distant friend, or a close friend but one living a long way away.

This thinking will change the world, for the better.


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I feel like a savage, primitive responses rule too many moments and reactions

No more reaction. We will create Pre-Action. A new concept in viable living and the continual improvement process.

We are talking about creating and improving….every time, all the time.

And no, we are not after and really don’t want an award. Just rewards!

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Premonition and the spiraling vapors of tomorrow.

Yes, you were right. And, that prediction about when the candle would burn down and expire in a smoke fizzle, was correct to within a few days.

Good. Well done. You must be a graduate. We measured it.

Need to be sure that you are better than your leaders. That should always be the goal.


‘cause I say so!

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We are open to suggestions, but only clever or well-considered ones.

The only way to edit or limit the number of incoming ideas is to have an algorithm of brightness or a bright and well-versed gatekeeper. All have risks, you may miss the good and welcome the bad.

But there is a third way. It involves something that looks like magic to the untrained observer.

It’s easy, but it requires huge effort to prevent making it difficult!

You can guess the rest, we are not telling you this time!

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Roll in powdered chocolate and send in a reinforced envelope, to the kitchen.

Some delivery methods need modification. A new way of transporting objects from place to place

A white horse cantered into a clearing, carrying no rider, nor a saddle.

It happens sometimes. The vision is of a fairy tale come alive, a bedtime tale told with the aim of producing sweet dreams.

We could recite a Fibonacci series or play soothing sounds of ocean waves sloshing against the sand.

We could…

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