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Archives for October 2012

Often, doing things quickly, quicker, enables you to absorb and remember more of what you do.

Try it.

But occasionally a slow waltz moment, a reflective interlude, acts like a gentle turbo-charger to the system.

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A thick stone wall may look impenetrable.

A small flower may find a way to grow in or through the tiny gaps between the stones.

Does this suggest opportunity…elsewhere?

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When a lake is smooth, calm and its surface mirror-like, the surrounding mountains reflect clearly in it.

When roughened by wind, by the traffic of passing boats, the surface will not reflect anything identifiable.

But the mountains are always there, reflected or not.

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The air is free.

Beautiful sights are yours without charge.

Their value is high.

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A huge circle looked at from a small part of its circumference looks like a straight line.

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