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Archives for July 2014

An early start

– to the day

– with a project

– with that next thing

Give it a try if you don’t do this already

Feels good

Does good

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This is the start.

The middle.

The continuation.

Did you really expect the end so soon?!

Elastic, rubber and time stretching and accommodating.

Even iron bends.

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Find a tree

There will be shade, dry ground and this tree is also a landmark.

Ripe fruit falls first.

A hill allows water to run down it and the tree prosp;ers.

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The enlightened woman (or man) is best advised to read newspapers only for the purpose of testing the temperature of the unthinking majority of the day and the weird constructs of the editors of these publications. Of course with good humour some laughter may be provided.

Trust your own judgement and continue to develop it.

Read about history.

Think of improvements and leaps forward in the world around you.

Take the higher ground and promote it.

I assure you this will provide infinitely increasing rewards.

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Send a message in a bottle – or by mail.

The text of the message is up to you. The recipient is going to value this missive.

What an idea to send a message a day.

Snails may make slow progress, but progress it is.

Reach further.

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