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Archives for December 2014

Get your sweet potatoes here.

Don’t forget the lemons.

What about the turkey?

Did you buy a gift for the attendant?

All you need do is to make a list.


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“Do not hide your light under a bushel”


We want all you are and you deserve to convey it.

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Aim high.

Find out anything, from anyone, every time.

Make waves.

Be here now.

Work into the future.


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To the south it’s warmer, they say.

In the north they’re friendlier, they said.

The food is hot and spicy, some reported.

Travel there is easier, we heard.

What you see, what you hear, what you taste – that’s what matters.

Look, listen, savour.

With relish.


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The sun rising clears the mist. Lighting makes a difference.

The brightness, promotes activity.

Sending a message as coffee is served, phones in hand, the people are producing…something.

We hope your something, is really, “something”.

Bold and beautiful.


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