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Archives for October 2015

A long tunnel led from the building dealing with imagination and ideas to the department of new metal alloys.

Every day Jan Barker walked through this tunnel it was as though it was the first time. The tunnel had been so well designed to create just this experience, for it was though it would help people conjure up more formulas for yet more new alloys.

It worked. Or so the prolific output of the Institute of the New and Significant would imply.

Quotas if they had been used, would have been exceeded monthly, let alone yearly.

The institute was considered the most desirable place to work, and this included jobs like cleaner, waste disposal operative…any position was much valued and found so rewarding by the fortunate person engaged in it.

The director of the institute was also a composer, singer and juggler.

It seems her juggling hobby helped her juggle responsibilities and tasks, moving easily between high technology projects and artistic ventures.

Can you imagine working there?

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It was the Florentine designers who had left no detail unpolished, considered and applied.

The result was something that needed nothing added and, to be bettered, had to be something else completely.

At the high table glasses were lined up and filled with a deep red wine, freshly poured as the guests entered.

Two people waved almost invisibly as they caught sight of each other.

Others were being introduced.

Pacts were formed and agreements made.

They could not have made the same lasting and historic decisions in less decorated surroundings.

The world was a few degrees better now. Good progress and great accomplishments.

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Adding sugar to the moon.

One day the dark sky revealed a new moon.

In August, big as it was, the moon was nowhere to be seen. That was – unless you looked.

You can be in the main square and see everyone, no-one or just the one.

Up to you.

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Downloading imagination, empathy and ice cream.

Pistachio is a good flavor, but the big surprise was cilantro. Quite delicious and refreshing.

Imagination can be put into a training program, after a few laps, bench presses and sprints, it improves.

The greatest leap forward was the ability to really understand, close to the point of experiencing the feeling, totally new as it was to me, that someone else was expressing.

It’s a delight when this happens. And it’s good for the world.

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Synchronous actions and cakes.

Actors and their director working well together warm the playwright’s feelings. 

It is like being described fairly when introduced to new acquaintances.

When someone begs you for your recipe to a dish you consider a masterpiece, privately at least, you hope they will do well cooking it – or else eat it on their own.

Each attempt is to be applauded, for whether we observe and copy or are taught, we all learn.

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