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Archives for April 2016

Dare to share a pear.

It is within your grasp….whatever you were thinking. 

So take the baton and pass only that part that keeps the story going.

New acres flow.

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A lottery of strawberries.

No innoculation needed, just you.

We are fit for purpose…our purpose. 

Eat, think, breathe and sway.

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Define being “literate”.

It does not mean the same to everyone.

Wherever you get to with that puzzle, enjoy the fact that what comes after is the most important. 

Because, it’s easy in the short term to masquerade as literate what is actually rote memory. 

A creative, imaginative, reasoned intelligent course and discourse is most valuable. 

Add, taking action, and we have a winning property.

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They laughed.

Glad, really pleased I made them smile.

Laughter is good for anyone. 

It was a relaxed funniness, as easy as being serious…but funny. 

Ten points for mankind, a giggle for me.

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The arable entrance was notable for the orangey glow emanating from a seam in the columns. 

Some rare examples contradict rules that have been presumed rather than discovered. 

Who invented a Flat White?

No jeopardy here.

Just play the game and win. 

Or be the winner who won in secret.

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