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Two items, two bites and an olive tree.

Are they commensurate with your experience.

Those roles we play.

Those speehes we make.

The elders speak to the young.

The older listeners learn from the young by listening to what they recommend, then realizing what good ideas they just uttered.

Read, read out loud, and discuss.

There are people like us.

Bright reflections in kind eyes.




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Were they celebrating strumming, humming or something…?

Greeted well, and high as hell, on a golden swell.

Don’t let the words mean more than they used to. We talk of altitude, mountains and valleys, not an approximation of intoxication.

So many times they mentioned dreams as if they were a new color of paint or a wall texture interior design finish.

But why not, there are so many of them…textures and dreams.

A beat sounded outrageously crude, but even in our starched collars and pinstripe (revivals every other year) suits we could not stand still and started swaying and ogling, dancing even.

Yes….absolutely time to celebrate.!




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A princess  found a Prince who had been lost since the silver ages.

Golden days and diamond moments followed.

Every breeze hinted of jasmine with mint undertones.

Shall we dine or dance?

My lady you are in charge, said he.

Before she gave the instructions for all to follow, she asked questions as to what they dreamed of being tomorrow.

There are moments of laser-sharp clarity while sitting on the dock, watching dolphins play, directing yachts this way.

The farm guests were still playing in the hay.

Horses were trotting and cantering with every new day.

No question about it.



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Sailing into the better news.

There is only good news if you select it.

Information you may need to know. That is what could replace the News you see now.

But then, it would need to be….information. And, it would come second to the revelations of great things, beautiful, clever, solving, helping and breathroughs. Levity and creations.

That’s an opportunity. Teach the people to yearn for news of the flowerings, the great successses and marvels….or help at least, by providing them.

We all think of these things from time to time. Nothing new!

What will be novel indeed, will be making this shift a reality.

Ready when you are.




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Really Awsome Delivery, and Hear and Think And Respond are new buzz-slogan-catch-phrases from an amazing customer service think tank and action-training group.

What do you think? Because, these are meant with great sincerity and a wish to improve everything….for everybody.

So when you see RAD or HATAR in future you will undertand and be one step ahead. One step nearer seventh heaven.

It’s a seasonal good will tip for you, friends and cheerful acquaintances.

If that doesn’t grab you, there is art and literature as well.

Comprehensive creative caring.




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