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Thrive another day.

What a phenomenal idea for a title!

It could be a health club or a 00 something movie.

Someone crossed out “another” and wrote “every”. Good intention well-lived we hope.

The letter we received supports everything we have planned.

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Slowly streaking past a large window with a bikini and a bright orange scarf.

All a mistake of course, nodody knew what they were doing.

We can’t forgive anyone, but there’s no need, the resulting interest helped everyone so much that they never looked at life the sme way again!

Whatever that means!

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My good sir, my good lady, my goodness.

And we are off. Today’s “How can you speak as if you respect the people around you?” rally, attracts thousands.

Wouldn’t that be strange/good/unlikely/possible/funny/suprising/ wonderful?

Certainly worth trying between the first and tenth floors as the elevator climbs towards the travel department – break the ice.

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You see this tribe, who in part exist and are also partly in existence in my short story, always sat visitors in the Consideration House.

A visitor would be invited to converse separately with several members of the community, then once they all agreed – if they all agreed – would be free to wander around and do whatever they wished.

Even though this sounds like a screening process, everyone was welcome. It was just better to “get to know” new people. Fair enough and reasonably wise; we do this in Flaubert Heights, our very own cluster of homes and a “vibrant community”.

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Number and verse.

The two can be intertwined and sometimes if unattended become tangled like a crazed sticky web.

We all respond better to names but sometimes remember numbers more easily.

Where are Fred, Priscilla and 4398 today?

We think everyone knows them. Surely they do!

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