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Adjusting and meandering.

In a new town it seems to be a very good way to get to know the place – to meander without adhering to route, map or plan. You discover things that way. It’s fun and you learn at the same time.

After that outing adjustment may be the gear to get into.

Same is OK. New is eye-opening and energizing. Both can be done from the seat of your own room to some degree.

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From another continent, the view is different.

There it was, the two balloon symphony, floating above the ocean.

Which ocean though….theirs, ours, all of ours?

Soon it was clear. Beyond everything there is physics, within everything there is physics. But that is further ahead, more advanced than where we are now.

One day, sooner than expected, we will understand and more to the point for some, be able to explain the outline of how Everything Is Connected.

By the way, it’s a Good thing!

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Define and clarify your last statement please!

Ciao bella! And such call-utterances can be OK. Or not OK.

So can “hi Sweetheart”.

In the end OK is what is communicated well and sometimes thoughtfully for noble reasons. Humor, by the way, is a noble reason.

So that’s the ultra-serious moment for this moment, today!

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I want to know, in the wild woods and forests, does one tree know that another of a different species is there next to it. It’s not a question, a musing rather.

It seems more interesting than the sometimes easy and other times troubled words between humans. What do they know the other knows, and what do they say and then relax unaware of the deep impression created. This is musing as well, but sometimes it is a question.

I wish not to confuse ease with interest in this way. Perhaps that’s to be avoided.

Just musing.

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Yesterday and next someday, when.

Time is on my side – waits for no man – has no mind – is malleable – is fictional.

I like the clock I looked at every day because it had the almost-human trait of needing attention. If it wasn’t wound regularly it didn’t cooperate.

But that’s a memory and now I look at something which never stops…except when no-one expects.

Nothing is foolproof. Just sometimes repeatedly and un-remarkably reliable. It’s good to know, and better still to remember, that Once in A Blue moon happens without reliance on clockwork or battery power!

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