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East, west, north or south?

None of that!

We need to go somewhere, but we must not know where we are going.

It’s like a spiritual enema.

Or an emotional eye wash.

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Little in-house intrigues.

Better to avoid them.

Forthrightness and genial discourse is best. It feels better and delivers best for everyone.

Tell a story which illustrates this and you can see how true this is!

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The optional sea and the essential tree.

Want some things, can’t do without others.

Salmon or liver, cheese or tofu.

A grey sky with bright blue breaks.

A fast glimpse, smiling in sheer acceptance of the thing beyond the next thing.

Oh, such wind, hot droplets of hidden vision.

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So fine, it’s out there in the stratosphere.

What? Instead of here? Instead of near?

Truth is everything is reachable, evenually.

Might as well start now.

Or after sunrise.

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Dawn. The new story.

You’ll find it’s at the end of the street, turn left and ask for the new day.

After meeting for hot ideas and crisp concepts, we discovered the answers to all the questions we should have asked.

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