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We will, not because we should, we know we’ve chosen this amazing course of action.

Soft cheese or hard cheese?

Apple or quince?

Did that person, there, on the left, in front of the woman in the red coat, say “yes”?

If so, sign them up. Now, before the excitement wanes. Once they are involved, they’ll always, developing the habit, be present.

Being present!? Now there’s a new, unmentioned and tantalizing idea.

Being Present – the Book, the Movie, the Guitar, the housing development…everything!

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Thoughtful, with little numerical bracketing and fluid stripes of trembling leaves.

This novelty was an antiquated thought dressed for tomorrow.

Walking slowly to give time to measure the dance of people in the hills and streets of this new place.

Every land has its choreography.  Some reveal a hive of people who are like drums made of metal trash cans clanging erratically, and others are lowered lyrics and harmony – but none collide.

The swooping sway of things.

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There is no doubt this will be resolved.

Shame they can’t realize this, accept it and correct it now.

But knowing as I do, and you will, that it’ll be hunky dory tout suite…that’s swell!

Consider it like an unforeseen diversion on route to the Milk Bar, and you will discover answers, new features and have one heck of an adventure on the way.

You have been anointed with this appointed benefit, this VIP reward, and it didn’t cost a penny – just a moment’s pause and imagination in bundles.

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We are deeply satisfied….are you?

It was such a good quarter.

Why should you care!?

Because as we go, so does the country….eventually.

So be happy for us because it’ll make you happy.

Take another rotting tomato to the garbage and plant a fresh apple tree.

Such lyrical and symphonic vapors are sure to make us all swoon sweetly and simultaneously together in the heather.

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The first result is so lousy that your initial thought is “it’s a disaster.”

But hold on!

It can only get better.

Look again.

Vary the parameters, change something a tad.

Voila! This time it’s an improvement, perhaps perfect or maybe not, but better.

It happens with parking spaces, medical inquiries, and travel planning.

If needed try tomorrow, a delay that’s not all that bad!

Fairy tales and festivals coming next, this syrupy life advice is a limited time offer!

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