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Shindig and suppression.

Some days are really busy in the Department of Absurdity.

Cold and Hot, sweet and sour, nice and nasty.

Passwords and freedom.

Did you learn much at school?

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A cup of fine Indian Tea, leaves from the higher slopes I think.

Sometimes the specific location, the origin, the moment of inception makes a difference .

We take another sip and already can’t wait for the next cup.

It’s partly the ceremony, definitely the company and you have to love the aroma and flavor.


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Drifting sideways, both ways – we don’t have a side.

If you can’t see the impossible, learn.

If you can’t say what I want to hear warn me gently first, then tell me!

If I agree with everything you ever say either you aren’t talking or I’m not listening.

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Test your premises, climb a tree.

Carefully. Have someone with a big bag of cushions ready below.

Three trailers and a baby giant are in tow.

Check if it’s true and even if it is, you can do better, improve upon it.

Nothing is set, forced to be, improve the stakes and raise the odds – that’s my plea.

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We live in lands where money grows on trees.

It might as well. It is printed to hand cash to those who are deemed to need it. They do need it. But it doesn’t exist. It is fraudulent funny-money, not real and likely to start losing value one day.

The ogres in the central bank have created a world where money has been cheap to borrow, companies in poor shape can borrow to make payroll, pay rent and line their pockets. They keep borrowing to pay last year’s payments with next year’s – non-existent – profits.

It is not sound.

The result over years may be sad, sadly.

All Ponzi schemes eventually fail.

Beware, take action, do not rely on the nation’s money managers.

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