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Trying to start the world.

Not a clock, we know.

Something non-mechanical. A phase, a slow shift, a mood.

In this mode we move. Forward it may be. Perhaps another dimension…at least 39 flavors.

We will measure up tomorrow.

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Between the pages of the book were notes written fifty or so years ago.

Each one seemed as if it had been written to me, for me, and only me.

If this was correct, I wondered how they knew I would find this book in the small library of this ancient, distinguished and historic hotel.

I leave it behind me as a mystery.

No-one ever came forward to explain that invitation to stay in the royal suite for one week, any time I chose. Who it was from, why, how, and the reason, was unknown even to the hotel itself

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Take two and call me in the morning.

Perhaps three or none would have been better.

Over on the other side of the planet, where the grass was greener, the plantains riper and the hissing caused by a viper, we saw a rainbow painted on the wall behind the bar.

Here sits the truth. The truth of many sailor’s stories. Many adventurers, lovers, poets and con-men.

Why would these things have to go together?

They do not.

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A shadow fell and almost broke in two.

We caught it just in time it seems.

Beneath the tree, by the waterfall, under a scorching sun, we saw you.

You looked into the distance as if a long journey were coming to its completion.

The home stretch for everyone.

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Assets and earnings in the sun and rain.

Up or down.

Gaining, we intend.

A new company that’ll outshine all others and still invite the three bears to dinner.

In the apex of decisions, the nadir of forgiving.

But we will try. More. Better. Sooner

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