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Significant distortion inside the road map.

A dapper moon and hill climbing students.

Full of stratospheric promise.

We speak to the jury, they smile, laughter and deals all round.

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Defending the track of golden missionaries seeking a chance to do you good.

They opened bank accounts, ordered soup and drove out selected guests.

Frilly fences, polished stones and slatted turnips – we love them all.

Excite the windshield whiskers and deliver us.

Where? At the door please.

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Sell the fish and go fishing.

Stream the signal and learn your lines.

Drama in the shade of trees, rustling with ambition.

We dry, polish and admire our work.

Yours is ringing with signal, energy and effervescence.

Pleased you joined the band.

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The magic wand of a jackhammer was creating dreams of reality and actual physical platforms out of undulating clouds.

This was a showroom above and beyond the rough gutter we had left behind a few months earlier.

Everything on display was available to take home, you never had to order and face the wait for delivery.

It was a calming, therapeutic shock.

A new cure. A new dawn. An old freshness.

Disparate connectedness.

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Surely things have changed?

So many rivers have run past and so many races we have run.

Eclipses, dust storms and hail.

Hot winters, cool summers, blossoming autumnal days.

We play table tennis at supper, we dig holes in the chocolate moose.

Crisp crackers of tree bark exported with glee.

Tread lightly, hold tightly.

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