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Archives for September 2016

Those seeds are good. Super-power food. 

Do the “Super-Powers” eat?

Does a country think?

Do people make treaties?

Are we about to realize?

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So hard to get a barber to cut hair to the desired length, and hairdressers also seem to have a mind of their own, the style is not what you asked for. 

But sometimes it turns out just right and you walk out into the warm sun, glowing like a shampoo commercial.

Oh to be in Torcello now that the harvest is in.

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It was slower than usual.

The extra time allowed their eyes to meet.

Really – was it the time, or was it them?

It takes no time to look, and not much more to see.

Our senses, propelled forward like welcoming greetings, are a massive pipeline of human communication, communing and contribution.

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Defending the mixing bowl.

Icing, courgettes, rhubarb and ivy.

Magic has its potions.

Mysticism has its symbols.

When you were at school, you might have had your name on each item of clothing. 

Steady pace and evening races, helping the sun set.

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Coffee was served in the best way they could fathom.

The shop round the corner was even better.

A guru of road markings was advising the tourists.

Lavender was arranged in sprigs at some junctions. 

The school crossing patrol man was smiling. 

The sheep were walking in line.

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