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Archives for September 2016

Dancing between treetops, mountain peaks and roof terraces, the homely house-proud warriors decide to study design.

We are all amazed, the leaders had stated, to see how diverse the skills of our movers and shakers had become. 

The movers and shakers protested. 

Everyone else sent in a correction request pointing out that for anyone to be described as a mover and shaker, might offend the unmoved and the still and stable folk.

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The story is lived first then told.

An abstract painting may be an invented story, yet all stories come from a life.

The effectiveness of communication is the prime property needed to be sure the story is understood.

Practice makes each performance better.

Building a sandcastle is good practice.

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There is no need to buy shoes at a shoe shop if you need ice cream.

Too late for the epic voyage booking, the berths were all reserved, they sailed in a sleek thirty meter yacht towards the rocky, yet verdent, isle.

Mythology and local rumor agreed, there were persuasive arguments for mooring here and staying a few days. 

The songs sung at night always played the next day.

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The day the oranges tasted better.

Two lawyers and a seamstress were discussing the hypocrisy of lace trimming as a car decoration.

They had got their premises wrong, but they invented a new theory of design.

We might thank them one day….

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Soaring over buildings and landing with a smile.

Not all superheroes can fly. 

With a set of cables and a spoon, one woman created a method of re-starting a stopped heart, or so the story goes. 

Where is this story? Real? True? We don’t need to check. The point is obvious. If you can solve a problem, be my guest, solve it. 

You don’t need to be an expert to be super, and a hero!

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