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Archives for February 26, 2017

We sat inside, it was raining.

Later the sun broke out, like a teenager on their first stage performance.

Cigars were on sale, but nobody bought any – they all had their own brand with them, except for those who did not smoke. It clearly was not a good profession to be in, cigar sales.

Two better-crested eagles landed on long stretched branches above the crowd.

Bands of color streaks stretched across the sky.

Now, this seems good, just a little puzzling as to why all this was noted down in ancient manuscripts when what was going on had been digitized.

We can get on with the rest of the day now.

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In a way, they were the most famous ticket collectors in the world. 

They told jokes at the platform barriers, and offered advice to individual passengers. They listened to and counseled everyone.

Free therapy on your way to work.

One group of professionals complained. The psychiatrists found their business dropped off by fifty percent.

If only it were that easy.

Perhaps it is!

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