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Deciding what is worth doing oneself because it adds to our life, can be a subtle game.

It seems OK to get laundry done, letters mailed – if you still do that at all, meals cooked and other such things, by someone else. If you are busy then the other things seems more important and perhaps they are.

But throwing out the experience with the bath water can be done all too easily. Meaning, what seems like an irksome task may actually be an emotional nutrient in disguise.

Many in the past, have chopped their own firewood, which helped to scatter annoyance and wayward thoughts to the wind, yet many now would buy pre-chopped timber…ready logs. You lose the beneficial part of doing a task.

Just goes to show, it could be worth learning to drive a stick shift manual transmission car and steer and maneuver it yourself, before self-driving automatic transmission pods become the only game in town!