"Wisdom and inspiration: thought provoking, humourous, delightful, guru-like, quirky, energizing, enabling, challenging, alerting, awakening….the way individuals, teams and groups start every day as a Great Day" – The Replies Book

Washing hands before starting a new activity will help fresh ideas come to the surface.

Self-created rituals provide a tremendous boost to any activities.

A deep breath before a dive, a leap, or an appearance on stage, acts like connecting a phone call to a hidden advisor who keeps you calm and donates ideas and phrases to deliver (in case you didn’t prepare that well!).

Doing this for every action in a day could prove distracting and would be obsessive. But if you tend to feel you must “summon up” the strength to do something, the trick is delightfully effective.

Welcome to the halls of the calm, shining stars!